Frame Drops and low...

[Closed] Frame Drops and low performance fix  


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11/04/2017 3:10 pm  

If some of you have some problems due to lowend Hardware or other reasons or just Framedrops here is something you can do:

 You have to write it in the Console. The Console opens by typing ^ to the Ingame Chat. Before you type a command you should type one time on "backspace" otherwise you have a ^ in front of your command (like ^perfoverlay...) and it dosn´t work!! Please watch you Key Bindings. Some use the Tilde [ ~ ] instead of the ^. To close Console press the same Key as you use to open it after you have type in the Command!

Ok. To see your Ingame fps type this to the console and press enter: 

perfoverlay.drawfps true

 Now watch your Framerate and how it falls down if the GPU is hardly working (Smoke, Explosions, Terrain etc.)

 To fix your FPS to maximum (in this example 80) type this in the Console:

gametime.maxvariablefps 80 [enter}


Now it is locked to maximum of 80 FPS. You can set another Number like you need or want (60 or 120 ....)


It is only for the GAMETIME. This means: if you leave the Server and join another you have to type it again !!!

If you see it is working better here is the way how to make a cfg file to load the commands with bf4 start. So you do not have to type it in the console every time. Watch the Forum Post how to build a cfg file for this.

 It is also very helpful on 60Hz High Tick Server if you have problems there cause it needs more Power on High Tick Server

 Have Fun...