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[Closed] How to Load Console commands on Start  


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11/04/2017 3:11 pm  

It´s possible to create a config file for Battlefield 4, where you can put the commands in. This config file will load the command you put in, always if you start Battlefield 4. We must create this config file as the file is not there by default. Here is how to do it…


1. We open up our windows text tool called Notepad. If you don´t know what I mean, then just click on start in Windows and type Notepad into the search box. This will open our text editor.


2. Now we will type in the commands we want to load on each startup of the game. I for example want to limit the FPS on max 60 FPS and I also like to have the FPS display always active. Here is what I wrote with Notepad…




3. When you did put your favorite BF 4 console commands in there, you simply need to save the file. Click on file in the menu of Notepad and choose “Save as”. Browse to the folder where your BF 4 is installed. If you did not change the installation location in your Origin client, then the standard folder should be located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4”. After that, The file name should be called user.cfg and in the “Save as type” you should choose “All Files”. Last thing you need to do is clicking on the “Save” button.


From now on the commands in the user.cfg will be loaded with each start of Battlefield 4, which means you never have to write them into the console again. They simply will launch with each start of the game. If you want to change or remove the commands then you have to edit the user.cfg again.