Phantom Server Help

Keypad Code to Phantom Bow: 1290-429-397648-970
Type !code ingame to see it

Dog Tag locations: Dog Tag Locations

Random Spawnpoints! If someone find the Tag you have to wait 7 -10 Minutes. Then a new Tag respawns on a random position!
Only use your Knife to open the Box. Do not shoot on it or it is gone!

To unlock the Bow on Hangar 21 you only need 1 of the 4 Tags. It is not necessary to find all 4 Tags! 4 People inside the Elevator with 4 different Tags and it works.

Feel free to join our Discord Server to make an arrangement who uses what kind of Tag and help each other to unlock the Bow or find Dog Tags together.

All Informations you also can find here: How to unlock Phantom Bow

You can enter !killme in game to get a automatic Adminkill that is non- effecting your stats!

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